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Chico and Rita (2012)

In present-day Havana, Chico, a shoe-shiner, songs his radio to the Radio Progreso terminal, which is playing old Cuban appeal a program called Tunes from The other day. As he pays attention, the station begins to play a romantic arrangement of A Preference of Me (Sabor a Mí) by Mexican author Álvaro Carrillo (1921-- 69) which triggers him to bear in mind his life back in 1940s Cuba. In 1948 Havana, Chico and his buddy Ramón are struggling dandies in a low-life bar. Ramon arranges a dual day for the both of them with 2 American tourists. They take the females to a bar where Chico loves the band's lovely diva, Rita. Chico tries to talk with her, however an American visitor refuses to let Rita leave him.

Chico and also Ramón go to the Tropicana Club with their lady-friends, and slip in through the performer's entryway. While walking around, Chico sees upon Rita and her gent pal suggesting. The Maitre d' overhears that Chico is an achieved pianist and also convinces him to substitute for the centerpiece's missing pianist. Chico fills out, dipping into first sight a new piece-- Ebony Concerto by Igor Stravinsky. Chico, originally nervous, winds up doing the piece with aplomb, to the delight of the band. Rita finally accepts ditch her date and also get away with Chico on Ramón's motorcycle and sidecar, along with the Americans.

After a harmful chase, the American guy finally collapses into a vehicle dealership, and the others run away. Rita as well as Chico leave the rest of the party and visit a bar where Chico introduces her to bebop music, which she takes up quickly. Afterwards they go to Chico's location as well as spend the remainder of the night with each other. The following day Rita awakens to locate Chico playing a brand-new make-up on the piano, which he names "Rita". As they play and kiss, Juana, Chico's previous partner, walks in and also picks a fight with Rita. The two women angrily leave Chico, feeling betrayed. However, Chico is still smitten with Rita and also begs Ramon to convince her to perform with him for an approaching radio contest. Ramon pays Rita to sing with Chico however after the competition, Rita leaves Chico without talking with him. He follows her to your house of a santera, that forecasts that Chico will trigger her much suffering.

That evening, the station announces that Chico as well as Rita have won a month's engagement at the Hotel Nacional. A few weeks later on, Chico as well as Rita are having excellent success in their performances. Rita's appeal fascinates all the men, which sparks Chico's envy. One of the admirers, Ron, asks Rita to his table to discuss business. He provides to take Rita to New York City making her a celebrity, where jazz and Latin music are a blossoming scene. However, Rita insists that the deal needs to consist of Chico. At the same time, Chico has been viewing from a distance and comes to be jealous, thinking Rita wants to leave him for Ron. Rita tries to explain that she is fighting for both of them to head to New York with each other, yet Chico tornados off. Rita visits his flat and also waits for Chico, however sleeps in the courtyard. She is stired up by Chico stumbling house with Juana. Hurt, Rita agrees to go to New york city with Ron, alone.

After her separation, Chico becomes clinically depressed and he and Ramon at some point secure the ways to head to New york city to seek their ton of moneys too. Chico as well as Ramón give Chano Pozo a letter of recommendation they got from his sis in Cuba. Chano is responsive and fired up to fulfill fellow Cubans. Nevertheless, he is involved in medications and also has a short temper. After discovering he was sold oregano rather than marijuana, Chano strikes the dealership, that later locates him in a bar and also kills him. Chico discovers job as an event artist, as well as Ramón as an usher at the Plaza Hotel. At one of his party jobs, Chico faces a successful Rita once again, who is hurt by the racist questions of her fellow celebration goers regarding her upcoming film job.

Chico and Rita flee in her new vehicle as well as spend the evening with each other once more. The following day, Ron finds Ramón and proposes a deal to fund his artist-agency business, as long as Ramon locates tasks to maintain Chico far from Rita. Ramón complies with his end of the deal as well as indications Chico with Dizzy Gillespie, that offers him a job in Paris and a European excursion. Rita becomes a large movie celebrity while Chico finds a new sweetheart in Paris. One early morning, while playing "Rita" at the piano, the sweetheart's dog, Lily, comes in and rests by Chico. He chooses to alter the name of the track to "Lily". Back in New York, regardless of her wide range as well as success, Rita is still maltreated socially because of her skin different colors. While being driven to a collection, the radio plays a new Jazz hit that she instantaneously recognizes as the piece Chico made up for her. She is transferred to tears when she discovers Chico renamed the song. In New York, Rita enters into a bar and also sees Chico playing "Lily".
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She waits for him outside the bar and needs to understand who Lilly is. He teases her regarding the secret lady's identity, but finally exposes that he renamed the tune after a pet dog. The two passionately kiss as well as make up. A paparazzo catches the kiss in a photo that shows up in the papers. Chico as well as Rita accept marry that New Year's Eve, after Rita's launching in Las Vegas. Chico informs Ramón, who frets that their homecoming will wreck his company. Ramón slides a packet of medications into Chico's layer, which authorities discover throughout a search after a raid on his job at the Palladium in New york city. They jail Chico, and will not let him make a telephone call to Rita, that waits fruitless in a Las Vegas motel. Chico is soon deported back to Cuba. Disturbed, Rita ends up being intoxicated before her Brand-new Year's Eve performance, believing that Chico left her once again. Despite Ron's urging to not "ruin all of it currently", Rita intentionally undermines her career by knocking the racism of the Hollywood market and also the hypocrisy of being a well known black musician.

Meanwhile, Chico enters Cuba right at the beginning of Castro's program, and also the new Cuban revolutionary authorities confiscate his passport. All locations are now prohibited to play jazz because it is "capitalist songs." Dissatisfied with life, Chico surrenders songs entirely.

Sixty years later, when Chico is radiating shoes for a visitor, a young man rushes to him as well as informs him that a popular young singer and her entourage are eagerly asking for him as well as his jazz music. He unwillingly accepts to meet them and also for the first time in years he plays his songs for a target market. The vocalist asks him to record a song with her and also Chico concurs. It comes to be a big hit and also takes him on a world excursion, giving him success for the second time. After the excursion, Chico is enabled re-entry into the United States. He searches for Rita, starting in New York. He ultimately finds Ron in a nursing home and also finds that his friend Ramón has actually passed away and also finds out Rita is in Las Vegas. He goes there as well as knocks on her door and she reveals that she has actually remained for 47 years in the same motel space, working as the motel's caretaker and also waiting for him. The film finishes with their homecoming.

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