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Steins;Gate Movie: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu

The film takes place in August 2011, one year after the events of the anime series. After going through a meticulous journey throughout multiple 'Globe Lines' due to the creation of 'D-Mail', text messages that could be sent out to the past, Rintarō Okabe has assumedly landed in the "Steins Gateway" Globe Line, in which he was able to prevent the fatalities of both Mayuri Shiina as well as Kurisu Makise, as well as protect against a future ruled by SERN due to the invention of a time machine that no more exists. On August 3, Kurisu arrives in Japan for an interview and also rejoins with all the participants of the Future Gadget Lab. On the other hand, Rintarō starts having extreme adverse effects from his time takes a trip, seeing visions of alternative Worldlines. The next day on August 4, a mysterious site visitor turns up at Kurisu's hotel, informing her to bear in mind two points: a cellular phone, a microwave oven, and SERN. Later that day, as Kurisu is talking to Rintarō regarding exactly how her own instances of remembrance could be similar to Rintarō's 'Reading Steiner' capability to bear in mind things from other World Lines, Rintarō all of a sudden disappears prior to Kurisu's eyes. Additionally, no one else appears to bear in mind Rintarō ever existed, with Kurisu hardly retaining a pale memory of a person.
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A week later August 11, as Kurisu discovers a fork that Rintarō left and bears in mind words the stranger left her, she discovers Itaru "Daru" Hashida had for some reason hacked SERN, all of a sudden offering her need to develop a Time Leap maker. Using the maker, Kurisu jumps back to the night of August 3, where she observes Rintarō going away and also reappearing from existence, with everyone's memories of him changing accordingly. She is then consulted with by the visitor from before, exposed to be Suzuha Amane, who originated from the future using a time machine Kurisu constructed. She explains to both Kurisu and Rintarō that all the memories of World Lines Rintarō had actually visited is overloading his Reading Steiner, creating him to vary between the existing globe line and the "R" world line, the just other world line where neither Mayuri nor Kurisu die. Suzuha states the only way to save him from disappearing completely is to make use of a time device to take a trip to the past, yet Rintarō ostensibly refuses, as he really feels neither time equipments nor time jump machines ought to exist as well as doesn't want Kurisu to go through the very same suffering he underwent, saying he prefer to go away to allow her as well as Mayuri to stay in peace. He instead prompts Kurisu to forget about him, leaving her with a kiss.

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