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Big Momma's House 2 is a 2006 American criminal activity funny film and the follow up to Big Mother's Home. The movie was routed by John Whitesell, based on the personalities created by Darryl Quarles from the initial movie, and starring Martin Lawrence repeating his duty as FBI agent Malcolm Turner. The movie was launched theatrically on January 27, 2006 as well as was seriously panned as critics felt that a sequel was unneeded. Unlike the original, the film is much more family pleasant compared to the initial movie's more mature target market. The film was panned by movie critics, scoring 6% at Rotten Tomatoes.
Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) has been appointed a desk job in public connections as an FBI representative, considering that he intends to deal with his brand-new better half, Sherry Pierce (Nia Long), during her delivery for the couple's new infant kid. At the same time, an occurrence happens in Orange County, The golden state, where Malcolm's old buddy, Doug Hudson (Kirk B.R. Woller), has been killed while he was going undercover. FBI broker Kevin Keneally (Zachary Levi) is doing security on a previous UNITED STATE Army military knowledge professional identifieded as Tom Fuller (Mark Moses), that has because retired as well as is working for a private corporation called National Schedule Software. The FBI has soon found that Tom is developing a computer worm which will certainly develop backdoors into the data sources of all the branches of the U.S. federal government. Affected by his buddy's death, Malcolm asks FBI chief, Crawford (Dan Lauria), to place him on the case, but Crawford rejects and tells him to keep away for safety and security analysis. By eavesdropping via the web cam, Malcolm discovers that the FBI is sending among the representatives to infiltrate Fuller's home as a baby-sitter. Providing Sherry the pretense of participating in a safety seminar in Phoenix az, Arizona, Malcolm leaves for Orange County as well as takes the "Huge Mother" costume with him.
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Malcolm repeats his camouflage as Big Mom from the original film and also showing up at Fuller's house as Mrs. Fuller (Emily Procter) is talking to a number of various other prospects. Large Mom eliminates the 3 various other candidates for the nanny position by explaining the sexually eye-catching high qualities of the initial, the drug use of the second, as well as the concealed gun of the 3rd. Huge Mom meets the 3 Richer children: Molly (Kat Dennings), Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz), and Andrew. After failing to execute the housekeeping jobs appointed to her, Big Mother is terminated, as well as functions all night cleaning up and makes a large breakfast. After seeing it the next day, Mrs. Richer alters her mind when the household wakes up to locate this. Big Mom is quickly approved within the house and ends up being an everyday part of their lives. His jobs consist of going along with Mrs. Fuller to the day spa, taking the household to the coastline, looking out for trouble, as well as simply playing a game of bingo as component of her routine. After Big Momma discovers the password from Tom, Molly calls him who tells her that she requires her at a nightclub. Big Mom goes at as soon as, just to locate that Molly was drawn by Richer's managers, who kidnaps her and Large Mom. Huge Momma as well as Molly are tied up and put in the rear of the van. Huge Mom has a dagger, which Molly grabs and makes use of to free them. He sees that they are at the waterside and witnesses Tom giving a disc to a male that puts it in his laptop computer as well as is approved full access to FBI data. Huge Momma gets on a jet ski as well as leaps it onto the dock, sending it right into two males, as well as landing on one himself. Large Momma helps Tom as well as they try to escape, however one of the guys shot him. The FBI appears, as well as Keneally gave Malcolm the manacles to place on Tom, however Malcolm informs the representative accountable that Tom's household was endangered, which no charges must be submitted. Malcolm and Keneally agree, and also the case is shut.

Sometime later, Big Mother visits the ladies' state cheerleading champions. Their stuntwoman broke her leg, and also Large Momma helps them out by doing the routine and winning the competition. He later leaves and also provides the household a goodbye letter claiming he must go on, however to keep an eye out, since someday he might be back.
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