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Griff the Invisible is a 2010 Australian romantic comedy-drama movie composed and routed by Leon Ford.

The story is about Griff (Ryan Kwanten) a socially awkward white-collar worker who spends his days being harassed by his workmates. At night he is Griff the Unseen, a superhero that strolls the streets of his local area, protecting the innocent. Griff has his globe turned upside down when he fulfills Tune (Maeve Dermody), the beautiful young little girl of a hardware shopkeeper, who shares his passion for the impossible. The movie won the AACTA award for Ideal Initial Screenplay.

Griff the Invisible had its world premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Movie Festival (TIFF), where it was well gotten by viewers "that appeared charmed by this unusual tale". [4] The film also evaluated at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival in February 2011 in the "generation" sidebar [5] where it was well gotten by a predominantly adolescent crowd.
Griff is a socially awkward individual who gets bullied by colleague Tony by day. At night he puts on the costume of a superhero as well as fights bad guys. Sometimes his sibling Tim, visits him. Eventually Tim determines Griff concerning his sweetheart 'Tune' and also brings her with him the next time he sees. Tune is revealed to be a lady that lives in a world of silly ideas, who additionally isn't really comfortable with other people.

Someday Griff obtains a concept concerning becoming unseen and also after some research study, discovers himself doing experiments by purchasing points from Melody's father's shop. He makes himself a match and also wearing it, visits his workplace but is captured on cam, not yet exposing his face. Griff again makes an invisibility mask yet this time around his manager sees his face on electronic camera he obtains terminated from his task. That evening, Tony calls a local thug as well as beats Griff in an alley. He returns home to obtain his suit and also police catch a bloodied Griff and also later release him with a warning. Slowly Griff and also Tune fall in love, and also Melody aims to urge Griff in his work by offering him with a 'Universal FIT' sent out anonymously. It becomes apparent that the superhero, the goons he beats and also his invisibility are simply his imagination.
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Tim gets hold of this as well as asks Tune why she is motivating him, to which Melody replies Griff is a freak like her and they like living like that. Griff hears this and recognizes that every little thing is his imagination. He ruins the outfit and all computer systems he was utilizing in his imaginary world.

He goes to Melody's home for dinner where she understands Griff say goodbye to believes in his imaginary world. Quickly after that she pertains to Griff's house and determines him he was the just one that went into her world which was the factor she enjoyed him, but now, he additionally is behaving like normal people, so she can't enjoy him anymore. With saying that, she leaves his house as well as sobs leaning on his door. All of a sudden, she falls through the door (as she was seen attempting earlier) and also lands in Griff's area. Griff takes her right into his arms as well as she says, "You can believe it." They discuss a passionate kiss. Not long after, a bundle falls through the mail port of Griff's door with Melody's name created on it. Tim is after that revealed leaving with his brand-new sweetheart. Griff faces his room to place on his unseen fit, and also Tune opens the box. Inside is a note from Tim that states, "Make use of these to be the just one who could see Griff when he's unnoticeable. So he does not have to put on the hat." The device appears like a View-Master stereoscopic plaything. Griff gets in unseen into the area, and when Tune stands up the tool to her eyes, she could see him standing there once again. They smile at each other as the movie finishes.
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