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The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Norwegian: Flåklypa Grand Prix) is a Norwegian stop motion-animated feature movie routed by Ivo Caprino. It was released in 1975 as well as is based upon personalities from a collection of publications by Norwegian comic artist as well as writer Kjell Aukrust. It is the most commonly seen Norwegian film of all time, having offered some 5.5 million tickets considering that its launch to a population which currently numbers simply over 5 million.
In the town of Flåklypa, Lom, Gudbrand Valley (En. Pinchcliffe), the innovator Reodor Felgen (En. Theodore Rimspoke) lives with his animal pals Ludvig (En. Lambert) (an anxious, cynical as well as melancholic hedgehog) and Solan (En. Sonny Duckworth) (a cheerful and also hopeful magpie). Reodor functions as a bike repairman, though he invests most of his time developeding odd Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. Someday, the triad find that a person of Reodor's former aides, Rudolf Blodstrupmoen (En. Rudolph Gore-Slimey), has swiped his design for a race automobile engine as well as has become a globe champion Solution One motorist. Solan protects funding from Arab oil sheik Ben Redic Fy Fazan (En. Abdul Ben Treasure trove), that occurs to be vacationing in Flåklypa, as well as to get in the race, the triad constructs a massive racing car: Il Pace Gigante-- a fantastic building with two extremely big engines (evaluating 2.8 loads alone and also making the seismometer in Bergen reveal 7.8 Richter when started the very first time), a body constructed out of copper, a spinning radar (that becomes valuable when Blodstrupmoen begins participating in smoke warfare during the race) as well as its own blood financial institution. Reodor winds up winning regardless of Blodstrupmoen's efforts at sabotage.
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In 1970, Ivo Caprino and his small group of collaborators began work on a 25-minute-long TV special, which would ultimately end up being The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. The TELEVISION special was a collection of illustrations based upon Aukrust's publications, with no actual plot. After 1.5 years of job, it was decided that it didn't truly function all at once, so manufacturing on the TV special was quit (with the exception of some really brief clips, no material from it has ever been seen by the public), However regarding one year after the rejection, Ivo Caprino's kid, Remo Caprino, understood to make the illustrations into an unabridged movie. Kjell Aukrust, Ivo Caprino, Kjell Syversen and also Remo Caprino began at that point to write the script for what would certainly later end up being The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix.
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