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The Pirate Fairy (previously known as Pursuit for the Queen) is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated fantasy movie routed by Peggy Holmes. It is the 5th direct-to-video feature-length animated film in the DisneyToon Studios' Tinker Bell movie collection and also the Disney Fairies franchise business, based on the character Tinker Bell from J. M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy. The movie showcases the voices of Mae Whitman, repeating her part of Tinker Bell, Christina Hendricks as a dust-keeper fairy called Zarina, as well as Tom Hiddleston as a much more youthful James Hook.
Zarina (Christina Hendricks), a really smart and also analytical pixie dust-keeper fairy, is impressed by the magic behind pixie dirt as well as is identified to learn all that it can. After her covertly explore some blue pixie dust and triggering a crash in Pixie Hollow, her supervisor Fairy Gary prohibits her from being a dust-keeper. In sadness, Zarina takes her experiments and runs away from Pixie Hollow.
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One year later on, Pixie Hollow celebrates the Four Seasons Festival, with performances from fairies of all the periods. During the show, Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman), Silvermist (Lucy Liu), Iridessa (Raven-Symoné), Rosetta (Megan Hilty), Fawn (Angela Bartys), and Vidia (Pamela Adlon) place Zarina flying around the viewers as well as utilizing some unusual pixie dirt to summon numerous poppies that cause every person to drop off to sleep, other than Tink and her good friends that hide. After Zarina is gone, they recognize that she stole all of heaven pixie dust, the only way making the yellow dirt that the fairies use to fly, so they pursue her to return it to its rightful area.

They adhere to Zarina to the shore, where it is revealed that she became the leader of a pirate staff, consisting of the cabin boy, James Hook (Tom Hiddleston). The fairies handle to recover heaven dirt for a now, but Zarina gets it back after throwing at them some various colored pixie dirt that magically switches their innate fairy abilities as well as skills. Tinker Bell becomes a water fairy, Silvermist comes to be a fast-flying fairy, Fawn becomes a light fairy, Iridessa ends up being a yard fairy, Rosetta comes to be an animal fairy, as well as Vidia becomes a play fairy, much to her scary and also disgust. They battle with their swapped abilities as they look for Zarina as well as the pirate ship, while doing so conference a baby crocodile which takes a taste to Rosetta. They locate the ship as well as creep in, where they listen to James claiming how the pirates fulfilled Zarina after dropping off program, and she became the captain with the guarantee of making the ship fly to make sure that they could plunder anything without getting captured. The ship reaches Head Rock, where the fairies find the pirates' camp and a mystical Pixie Dirt Tree, which Zarina had expanded making use of pink-colored pixie dirt of the garden talent.
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