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The Powerpuff Girls Movie is a 2002 American animated superhero action-adventure comedy film based upon the Cartoon Network computer animated television series of the exact same name. Produced by Cartoon Network Studios for Warner Bros. Images and Cartoon Network, the film debuted in the USA on July 3, 2002. It is an innovator to the collection, telling the origin story of exactly how the Powerpuff Girls were created and how they came to be the protectors of Townsville.

The film obtained normally favorable reviews from doubters, but was a box office failing. In movie theaters, a Dexter's Lab short qualified "Chicken Scrape" was presented to prior to the movie, which later on broadcast as part of the collection' fourth period. The movie made its TELEVISION debut on Animation Network on May 23, 2003
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Professor Utonium produces a mix of sugar, seasoning and every little thing nice in hope of producing the ideal little girl to boost Townsville, an imaginary city tormented by crime. He is shoved by his laboratory aide, the devastating chimpanzee Jojo, causing him to accidentally faulty a flask of a mystical drug called Chemical X, which spills into the blend and also takes off in Jojo's face. The experiment succeeds, generating 3 little ladies whom the Professor names Bloom, Bubbles and also Buttercup. He discovers that the ladies additionally have superpowers from the added Chemical X. Despite the ladies' recklessness with their powers, they all quickly grow to love each other as a family.

During their very first day of institution, the girls learn about the video game tag and start to play amongst themselves, which quickly grows damaging once they use their powers. The ladies take their game midtown, unintentionally causing substantial damage to the city till the Lecturer calms them down. The following day, the ladies are treated as outcasts by the people of Townville as an outcome of the destruction they caused, and the Lecturer is arrested for creating the women. Recognizing that utilizing their powers once more will only rage the townspeople a lot more, the sorrowful girls try to make their method house from institution on foot. They become lost in an alleyway and are assailed by the Gangreen Gang, just to be rescued by Jojo, whose human brain has actually been altered by the Chemical X explosion, offering him superintelligence.
Preparing control of the city, Jojo gains the girls' empathy by stating he is additionally hated for his electrical powers. Jojo persuades the women to help him develop a lab and Chemical X-empowered device over a volcano in the middle of community, which he asserts will obtain them the loves of the city. As a benefit, Jojo takes them to the local zoo as well as covertly implants little transportation gadgets on all the primates there. That night, Jojo carries the primates into his volcano lab as well as utilizes his new machine to infuse them with Chemical X, turning them right into evil mutant primates like himself. The following early morning, after the Teacher is launched from prison, the ladies reveal him all the "good" they have actually done, only to discover the city is being attacked by the primates. Jojo, relabeling himself Mojo Jojo, publicly reveals the women as his aides, turning every person-- consisting of the troubled Teacher-- versus them. Hopeless, the girls exile themselves to an asteroid in celestial spaces.
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