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The 3 Caballeros is a 1944 American animated music film created by Walt Disney Productions. The film premiered in Mexico City on December 21, 1944. It was released in the USA on February 3, 1945 and also in the UK that March. The seventh animated function in the Walt Disney Animated Classics collection, the movie stories a journey with parts of Latin The U.S.A., combining live-action as well as computer animation. This is the secondly of the six package deal movies launched by Walt Disney Computer animation Studios in the 1940s.

The movie is sketched as a series of self-contained sections, strung with each other by the tool of Donald Duck opening up birthday celebration presents from his Latin American buddies. Several Latin American celebrities of the duration appear, including vocalists Aurora Miranda (sis of Carmen Miranda) and Dora Luz, in addition to singer and professional dancer Carmen Molina.

The movie was generated as part of the workshop's excellent will certainly message for South The U.S.A.. [2] The movie stars Donald Duck, that throughout the movie is signed up with by old friend José Carioca, the cigar-smoking parrot from the 1942 film Saludos Amigos, that stands for Brazil, and later becomes pals with a pistol-packing rooster named Panchito Pistoles, who stands for Mexico.
The movie consists of 7 sectors, each linked by a common theme. In the film, it is Donald Duck's birthday celebration (particularly Friday the 13th), and he obtains 3 presents from friends in Latin The U.S.A.. The first existing is a film projector, which reveals him a docudrama about birds. During the documentary, he learns about the Aracuan Bird, that obtained his name due to his eccentric song. The Aracuan additionally makes a number of looks throughout the movie.

The following existing is a book provided to Donald by José. This publication tells of Bahia (meant "Baía" in the movie), which is one of Brazil's 26 states. José reduces them both down to ensure that they could get in guide. Donald and also José meet several of the citizens, who dance a vibrant samba, and Donald winds up pining for one lady, yet falls short. After the journey, Donald as well as José leave the book.
Upon returning, Donald realizes that he is too tiny to open his 3rd present. José presents to Donald how you can make use of "black magic" to return himself to the proper dimension. After opening today, he fulfills Panchito, a local of Mexico. The triad take the name "The Three Caballeros" as well as have a brief party. Panchito after that offers Donald's following present, a piñata. Panchito informs Donald of the custom behind the piñata. José and Panchito after that blindfold Donald, and have him try to burst the piñata, which ultimately exposes numerous shocks. Donald ends the party by being discharged away by firecrackers in the shape of a ferocious toy bull (with which the firecrackers are lit by José with his stogie).

Throughout the movie, the Aracuan Bird appears randomly nows. He generally taunts everybody with his madcap shenanigans, occasionally stealing José's cigar and also attempting to make José jealous. His most well-known trick is when he re-routes a train that Donald and also José are riding on by drawing new tracks, creating the train to dismantle. He returns 3 or 4 years later on in the 1948 Disney movie Tune Time.
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