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Paths of Glory is a 1957 American anti-war movie [2] by Stanley Kubrick based upon the novel of the exact same name by Humphrey Cobb. [3] Establish during World war, the movie stars Kirk Douglas as Colonel Dax, the commander of French soldiers who refuse to proceed a self-destructive attack. Dax attempts to protect them against a charge of cowardice in a court-martial.
Cobb's novel had no title when it was completed, so the author held a competition. [2] The winning entrance came from the 9th verse of the popular Thomas Gray rhyme of 1751 "Elegy Created in a Country Cemetery".

The possess heraldry, the pomp of pow' r,.
And also all that beauty, all that wide range e'er offered,.
Awaits alike th' inescapable hr.
The paths of splendor lead however to the grave.
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The book was a small success when released in 1935, retelling the true-life affair of 4 French soldiers who were implemented to establish an instance to the rest of the troops. The book was adapted to the stage the same year by World War I pro Sidney Howard. [4] The play was a flop on Broadway as a result of its extreme anti-war scenes that estranged the viewers. Nevertheless, Howard continuouslied believe in the relevance of the topic as well as assumed it needs to be made right into a film, creating, "It seems to me that our movement image industry need to really feel something of a spiritual obligation to make the picture." [4] Meeting Howard's "sacred obligation", Stanley Kubrick determined to adjust it to the screen after he bore in mind reading the book when he was more youthful. Kubrick and also his companions acquired the movie rights from Cobb's widow for $10,000.

Paths of Splendor is based loosely on truth tale of four French soldiers, executed in 1915 during World War I under General Géraud Réveilhac for failure to adhere to orders. The soldiers were refurbished in 1934. [5] The novel is about the French execution of innocent guys to reinforce others' resolve to eliminate. The French Military did execute army executions for cowardice, as did most of the other significant individuals, leaving out the USA of The U.S.A. and Australia. [6] The USA sentenced 24 soldiers to death for cowardice, however the sentences were never performed. [7] Nonetheless, a considerable point in the film is the method of selecting individuals randomly and implementing them as a punishment for the sins of the whole team. This is similar to the Roman method of decimation, which was rarely utilized by the French Army in World war. A little known exception is the French annihilation (the shooting of every tenth individual in a device) of the 10e Compagnie of 8 Battalion of the Régiment Mixte de Tirailleurs Algériens. Throughout the hideaway, at the start of the war, these French-African soldiers declined an order to strike. They were shot on December 15, 1914, near Zillebeke in Fland.
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