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The First Time is a 2012 teenager charming funny film written and routed by Jon Kasdan, and stars Britt Robertson, Dylan O'Brien, James Frecheville as well as Victoria Justice.

Dave Hodgman (Dylan O'Brien) is a senior high school elder who invests a lot of his time pining away over Jane Harmon (Victoria Justice), a lady he can not have. Aubrey Miller (Britt Robertson), a junior at a different senior high school, has an older sweetheart Ronny (James Frecheville) that doesn't fairly recognize her or seem to care. A casual conversation in between Dave and also Aubrey sparks an instant connection, as well as, over the course of a weekend break, points turn enchanting, enchanting, complex, and amusing as Aubrey and Dave find what it's like to drop in love for the very first time.
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Dave remains in a street at a houseparty, rehearsing an admission of love for a girl identifieded as Jane when he's amazed by Aubrey. They speak, and when he techniques the speech to get her opinion, she is not impressed. She chooses not to dance with him, describing that public displays of affection (PDA) are distasteful. She eventually starts to dance when the cops raid of the noisy event. She welcomes him right into her residence, keeping in mind that she has a boyfriend, and also takes him to her room. They share some wine as well as a purposeful chat. Aubrey asks him if he's ever before made love, and also Dave admits he hasn't, however she refuses to respond to the exact same question. They talk while laying side-by-side on the flooring as well as both go to sleep. When Aubrey's mommy knocks on the door, in the early morning, Dave leaves through the window but splashes wine on the rug.

Dave meets with his close friends Simon and also Big Corporation, telling them regarding Aubrey. They recommend that claiming to have a boyfriend could possibly be a critical lie as well as recommend contacting her. Dave calls her residence, catching Aubrey as her moms and dads are scolding her about the wine on the rug. She tells Dave she's visiting the flicks with her boyfriend Ronny, as well as Dave decides to go too.

Jane and also her pals take place to be at the theatre. Aubrey encourages Ronny to head to the very same flick as Dave and also Jane. Aubrey goes out throughout the movie, and also Dave follows her. In the entrance hall she apologizes for being strange on the phone as well as having him embark on the roofing. Dave hires her cell phone number as well as welcomes her and Ronny to Jane's close friend's residence afterwards.

At the close friend's house, Aubrey and Jane speak about Dave. Jane has high praise for Dave, yet plainly takes him for granted while grumbling regarding all the awful men she's been with. Aubrey seems to be ready to suggest she consider Dave, but quits as well as claims to have forgotten what she will say.

Ronny boasts to Dave that he and also Aubrey are preparing to have sex that night in his van. Dave discovers Aubrey and informs her not to make love with Ronny, that her first time should not be with a man like him. Aubrey denounces the enchanting idea of the very first time being so vital, as well as determines him it's none of his business. Points take a flirty turn yet Ronny appears, telling Aubrey they should go. Dave steps in, resulting in a confrontation before Simon as well as Big Company intervene. Aubrey entrusts Ronny.
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