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Spy Kids 3-D: Video game Over (additionally called Spy Kids 3: Online game Over) is a 2003 American science fantasy journey funny film created, created, shot, composed, modified, and routed by Robert Rodriguez, co-produced by Elizabeth Avellan, Dimension Films as well as Mischief-maker Studios and the 3rd (originally meant last) installment in the Spy Children collection. It was released in the United States on July 25, 2003 by Miramax Films. The movie stars Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Ricardo Montalbán, Holland Taylor, Mike Court, Cheech Marin, as well as Sylvester Stallone.

Originally planned to be the last installment in the Spy Youngsters series, a fourth film, All the Time in the World, was released in 2011.
Juni Cortez, after stopping Donnagon from turning on the EMP tool, has actually retired from the OSS, no longer wishing to work. He currently lives a peaceful life and also functions as a private investigator, although his income is hardly any. One day, he is consulted with by Head of state Devlin, previous head of OSS, that notifies him that his sis, Carmen Cortez, is missing out on after a goal failed. Upset about this, Juni returns to the OSS to find out more about his sis.
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Coming to the technological as well as computer part of the OSS, he is reunited with a currently changed Donnagon Giggles and also his partner Francesca, who describe that Carmen was captured by the Toymaker, a former OSS informant. The Toymaker was sent to prison in cyberspace by the OSS, but he has actually since developed Online game Over, a digital reality-based computer game which he plans on making use of to get away the online world using gamers that reach Degree 5, which is unwinnable. Juni consents to venture into the game, conserve Carmen, as well as turned off the online game, provided only twelve hours to win. He is also notified that his sibling was last seen on Level 4.

In the game, which occurs in a full 3D setting, Juni discovers the challenges tough, having only 9 lives within the video game and currently losing one at the start. While wandering a cartoon-like medieval town, he finds 3 beta-testers, Francis, Arnold, and Rez, who provide him with a passage to the Moon and also release him right into area, but mainly to obtain eliminate the competitors.

Juni come down on the Moon, losing another life at the procedure, as well as gets an opportunity to bring in a fellow ally to help him, picking his wheelchair-bound grandfather Valentin. He obtains a power-up which gives him a robotic bodysuit, enabling him to walk and have superhuman toughness and sturdiness, and also abandons Juni, informing him that they will certainly regroup later. Searching for the entryway to Level 2, Juni ventures into a robotic battle arena where he fights a lady identifieded as Demetra and also pink pants Perkins in order to go back to Earth and also Level 2. In the fight, he obtains a robotic, much more powerful suit, and he is placed on a substantial mecha to battle Demetra. In the 3-round fight, in which he loses an additional life, he getting rids of Demetra and also go back to Earth.

He fulfills the beta-testers once more that believe he is a gamer called "The Individual", that could apparently defeat Degree 5. Rez is doubtful and also difficulties Juni to a "Mega-race" entailing a wide variety of various vehicles, which will certainly allow them on Degree 3. The only evident guideline of this game is "Win, in any way prices." Juni wins the race with help from Valentin, as well as Demetra signs up with the group; she as well as Juni show enchanting sensations for every various other, with him providing her a med-pack with additional lives and she provides him with an illegal map of the online game. After entering level 3, Arnold and also Juni are compelled to fight each other, the loser obtaining an instant online game over. During the battle, Juni loses mostly all of his lives, yet Demetra swaps locations with Juni and is beat, apparently obtaining a game over, a lot to Juni's sadness.
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